Monday, April 9, 2007

Vodafone Selects Ericsson for European-Wide Managed Services

Vodafone has selected Ericsson to manage the supply and distribution of spare parts for its mobile networks across several of its major European operating companies including Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Under the multi-million Euro deal, Ericsson will assume responsibility for the logistics, warehousing, repair and replacement of multi-vendor spare parts in the selected operating companies. The agreement will cover the end-to-end management of spare parts for 2G, 3G and transmission equipment in the selected European operating companies.

Ericsson said it is able to deliver greater cost efficiencies to Vodafone through lower average prices for the management process of spares, as well as enhanced service levels. The initiative forms part of Vodafone's cost reduction strategy as each Vodafone operating company currently runs its own spare parts operation. It will also enable the company to focus more on its core business of enhancing network performance, as well as delivering more attractive services to customers.

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