Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Verizon Business Advances its "Application Aware" Network Strategy

Verizon Business announced the next phase of its "Application Aware" network strategy with the global availability of additional network management tools. The tools are designed to help the company's Private IP customers monitor and manage network and application performance by adjusting capacity to meet changing requirements.

Verizon Business' next phase of Application Aware reporting tools capabilities are offered in conjunction with Centrisoft Corporation, and include a Network Assessment Service as well as Application Awareness and Prioritization tools. These services build on and complement Verizon Business' existing Network Performance services which are already helping customers in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America to monitor and manage the performance of their Private IP networks.

Verizon Business' Application Analysis and Application Priority tool can be used to optimize customer MPLS networks. With Application Priority, customers can control which applications take precedence for delivery through the network. This capability reduces the need for site-by-site router configurations and enables more specific marking by application versus broader marking by port. As a result, Private IP customers can adjust bandwidth and simplify network management in line with their business needs.

Verizon Business' Network Assessment, Application Analysis and Application Priority tools, all powered by Centrisoft, can be deployed on any portion of a customer's network (whether on-net or off-net), regardless of network and location.

Verizon Application Aware reporting tools, in combination with Verizon Private IP, are now offered in 121 countries globally.

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