Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tellabs Offers Transport Network Optimization for Wireless Carriers

Tellabs has launched a Transport Network Optimization Service to help North American wireless providers to reduce ongoing operating expenses.

Key goals/elements of Tellabs' Transport Network Optimization Service include:

  • Improved network quality and reliability -- cleaning up issues that hamper performance;

  • Comprehensive data audit and reconciliation -- synchronizing the database design and content to mirror the actual state of the transport network;

  • Expert analysis, architecture, design and optimization recommendations -- identifying items such as billing discrepancies, inefficient routing, potential points of network failure and underutilized facilities;

  • Full program management -- acting as a single point of contact driving results from initial planning through completion; and

  • Enhanced ability to offer new, high-bandwidth services -- anticipating where customer growth will occur and optimizing the transport network to meet requirements.

Tellabs said it has already helped a Tier 1 North American wireless provider to realize more than $18 million in immediate and annual operating expense savings in three metropolitan markets.