Sunday, April 22, 2007

SAP and Cisco to Develop SOA Applications

SAP and Cisco will jointly develop a new breed of business solutions to transform how applications and networks interact based on service- oriented architecture (SOA). The vision is to integrate the context of operational business applications with the intelligence captured throughout the network, providing customers with high levels of visibility, control and responsiveness across the extended enterprise.

The companies said their new network-aware solutions will focus on removing the artificial separation between application infrastructure and network infrastructure to intelligently route traffic based on contextual business relevance. The first solution produced from the collaboration will include composite applications that address the need for an integrated network and application platform providing a holistic view of the extended enterprise for better management of compliance and risk in today's dynamic business environment. The companies also plan to integrate unified business communication, such as e-mail, voice and podcasting, into business process applications to increase responsiveness to selected process events.

Specifically, the jointly developed solutions from SAP and Cisco will take advantage of enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) from SAP, the SAP NetWeaver platform and Cisco's Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) to support successful customer implementations in a wide variety of enterprise use cases.

Separately, Cisco has selected SAP solutions for governance, risk and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC) as its internal GRC solution. This will help Cisco to unify its control initiatives and risk management across its extended enterprise.

  • In September 2006, Cisco and SAP AG announced a joint marketing agreement for the United States and Canada that will address governance, risk and compliance (GRC) business processes and IT control issues across the entire IT infrastructure -- from the network layer all the way through the application layer. The partnership will encompass sales and marketing activities as well as advanced service offerings. The joint effort aims to leverage the access and identity intelligence resident across Cisco's Service Oriented Architected Network Architecture (SONA). Specifically, SAP and Cisco offer new levels of IT management and controls between Cisco SONA and the three new applications in the portfolio of SAP solutions for GRC: SAP GRC Repository, SAP GRC Process Control and SAP GRC Risk Management.

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