Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Russia's TransTeleCom Builds NGN with Huawei

Russia's TransTeleCom has deployed a next generation network (NGN) to carry national and international voice traffic using platforms from Huawei Technologies. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The country-wide Russian NGN network spans nine time zones from Europe to Asia, encompassing seven national toll call offices and four international toll call offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and six other cities. The newly built NGN interoperates with the original network and retains all the services of the original network. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology integrated in Huawei's NGN solution also enables TransTeleCom to provide end-users with even more multimedia services.

Huawei's NGN solution separates the call control layer from the bearer layer. With the uniform platform for network management and service deployment, it enables centralized network management, as well as allowing TransTeleCom to quickly deploy new services. In addition, Huawei has provided TransTeleCom with an advanced disaster tolerance solution, to ensure secure and stable running of the network, such as a dual-homing Softswitch solution and a network management system that uses dual systems located in different places.