Monday, April 23, 2007

Rebtel Changes its Mobile-VoIP Call Pricing

Rebtel, a start-up based in Stockholm, announced a new pricing program for its mobile-to-VoIP international calling service. By using VoIP to connect pre-assigned local numbers, Rebtel allows its customers to make international calls using their mobiles. There is no fee to sign up to use the service.

Available in more than 36 countries, Rebtel members are entitled to ten free international calls every month free of charge. Any additional calls will be charged at a low per minute free ranging on average from 2 - 20 cents a minute depending on the country being dialed.

For example, while a local carrier will charge between 9 cents and 26 cents per minute, a Rebtel call from the United States to Mexico would cost 2 cents per minute without the call back option; calls to the United Kingdom from the U.S. would cost 2 cents per minute to land lines and 23 cents per minute to mobiles.