Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nokia Siemens Networks Starts Operations, Offer 2007 Outlook

Nokia Siemens Networks officially started its operations as a merged company. It has five product business units - Radio Access, Broadband Access, Service Core and Applications, IP/Transport, and Operations Support Systems - that provide a full range of products and applications for fixed, mobile and converged networks. Additionally, the new company addresses the growing demand for services through its Services Business Unit, which has some 20,000 professionals worldwide.

Nokia Siemens Networks said its mission is to help its hundreds of customers across the globe meet the challenges of connecting the five billion people that the company believes will be "always on" by 2015. It has approximately 600 customers and operates in about 150 countries.

"Already starting as one of the leaders of the industry, we have a clear objective: to become number one. We want to be the number one communications enabler for our customers; the number one company connecting the world through seamless connectivity of mobile and fixed communications; and the number one workplace of choice for our employees. We also want to be known for operating with the highest standards of ethics and integrity," said Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive officer of Nokia Siemens Networks.

In terms of market outlook, Nokia Siemens Netwoks said that over the last couple of months there has been a narrowing of visibility and indications of a slowdown in spending in some regions. . As a result, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks now expect very slight market growth for the mobile and fixed infrastructure and related services market in euro terms in 2007. Previously, Nokia expected slight growth in the mobile and fixed infrastructure and related services market in euro terms in 2007. From April 1, 2007, the financial results of Nokia Siemens Networks will be consolidated to Nokia.


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