Monday, April 30, 2007

Motorola Integrates Video Server with SeaChange Axiom Software

Motorola has integrated its B-1 Video Server with SeaChange's newly released Axiom 4.0 on-demand management software to enable the streaming for high-definition (HD) VOD content. The Motorola B-1 Server is an open platform, designed to integrate with standards-based solutions such as Axiom software.

The Motorola B-1 Video Server features a solid-state architecture based on the intelligent configuration and management of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM). As a result, the platform uses less space and power than traditional video server technology, while providing performance, reliability and scalability improvements for video ingest, streaming, and storage. Motorola has shipped more than 500,000 on-demand video streams worldwide on the B-1 platform.

SeaChange's Axiom Core 4.0 leverages open application programming interfaces to host the widest range of innovative applications and components, including third-party servers like Motorola's. Axiom automates and optimizes the use of streaming, storage and network resources to ensure service to millions of television subscribers.

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