Monday, April 9, 2007

KT to Deploy DASAN STBs Powered by Sigma Media Processors

KT has selected DASAN Networks for deployment of FTTH equipment for their Megapass TV service. Under the contract, customers that sign up for KT's flagship Megapass TV service will be offered a DASAN Network IPTV set-top box.

The DASAN STBs are powered by Sigma Designs' SMP8634 media processor. An internal hard disc drive enables the download and play option for personal video recording. The set-top box also includes a port of ACAP middleware to support data broadcasting reception of the ATSC digital TV standard.

KT's new Megapass TV Advanced Video Services support rates up to 50 Mbps. It will feature live television, pay-per view, high definition content, video-on-demand, and a host of interactive services. KT expects to begin volume deployments of Megapass TV in July of this year.