Monday, April 30, 2007

Joost Launches its Web TV Service

Joost announced the commercial launch of its broadcast-quality Internet television service, kicking off publicity campaigns in 32 countries. Joost reportedly has enrolled over 100,000 beta testers and now aims to attract over a million registered viewers in its first few months. The service initially is available under a controlled release to invited parties. The company plans to open registrations to any broadband user later this month.

Joost also announced five new content providers: Turner Broadcasting System (CNN, Anderson Cooper 360˚, Larry King Live); Sony Pictures Television; SI; NHL; and Hasbro.

Joost features more than 150 channels with programming across all genres, including: cartoons and animation; entertainment and film; sports; comedy; lifestyle and documentaries; and sci-fi. Channels and programs available on Joost vary by geographic region, based on copyright ownership.

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