Monday, April 23, 2007

Internet2 Sets New Land Speed Record -- 9 Gbps

An international team led by the University of Tokyo has set two consecutive new Internet2 Land Speed Records (I2-LSR) in the
IPv6 single and multi-stream categories. The team, which also included WIDE Project, NTT Communications, JGN2, SURFnet, CANARIE, Pacific Northwest Gigapop and other institutions, used a network path that spanned 30,000 km across 6 international networks. They trasmitted transferred data in the single and multi-stream categories at a rate of 7.67 Gbps, which is equal to 230,100 terabit-meters per second (Tb-m/s). This record setting attempt leveraged standard TCP to achieve the new mark.

In a follow-up test, the team used a modified version of TCP to achieve an even greater record. Using the same 30,000 km path, the network was able to achieve a throughput of 9.08 Gbps which is equal to 272,400 Tb-m/s for both the IPv6 multi and single stream categories.

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