Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fujitsu Debuts H.264 Encoders for IP and DVB Networks

Fujitsu introduced a new line of video encoder/decoders designed for broadcast-quality high-definition video over IP and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) networks. The IP-9500 uses H.264 to enable live transmission of high-quality HDTV at approximately half the bit-rate of typical MPEG-2 encoders.

Fujitsu said its new device also features Forward Error Correction (FEC) for IP network deployment for exceptional rendering of decoded images on networks with large error rates, thus ensuring very high Quality of Service (QoS). It can be used in remote sites for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), as well at most contribution and distribution applications. In addition, the IP-9500 can be directly connected to the latest HDTV cameras and displays via popular HD-SDI and HDMI interfaces. The appliance is priced at $49,950 (U.S. list).