Monday, April 9, 2007

Cablevision Appeals Network DVR Decision

Cablevision Systems is appealing the recent New York federal district court ruling involving network-based DVRs. Cablevision said it plans to seek expedited review of its appeal, citing the district court's misapplication of modern copyright law to remote-storage DVR, with potentially broader negative implications for technological innovation, and the clear consumer benefits of remote-storage DVR.

"We continue to believe strongly that remote-storage DVR is permissible under current copyright law and offers significant benefits to consumers, including lower costs and faster deployment of this popular technology to our digital cable customers," said Tom Rutledge, Cablevision's chief operating officer.

"Our remote-storage DVR is the same as conventional DVRs, and merely enables consumers to exercise their well-established rights to time-shift television programming. The technological innovation behind our remote- storage DVR makes a popular product even better. It does not alter the relationship between our customers and the programming they choose to record, and simply stores programming recorded by consumers in a central location," Rutledge added.


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