Monday, April 23, 2007

BT Restructuring Aimed at Transformation into Networked IT Services

BT announced a corporate restructuring designed to accelerate its transformation into a networked IT services company, delivering software driven products over broadband.

Under the new structure, Andy Green will change his title from being Chief Executive of BT Global Services to become CEO of Group Strategy and Operations. He will lead two new business units that will design and operate services across the world to meet the needs of BT Retail, BT Global Services, BT Wholesale, Openreach and the wider communications industry. "BT Design" will be responsible for the design and development of new services. "BT Operate" will be responsible for their deployment and operation. Approximately 20,000 BT employees will move into these new units from other parts of the business.

Francois Barrault becomes Chief Executive of BT Global Services and joins the BT Board. Francois moves from his current role of President of BT International.

Ben Verwaayen, BT chief executive, said "This is the second phase of BT's transformation. The first phase saw BT shift its focus from narrowband to broadband. This next stage is equally important. It will see BT advance from a 20th century hardware-based company to a 21st century software-based services company. In a software driven world, services will be available in real time and around the globe, harnessing the potential of BT's 21st Century Network. The changes we are announcing today will drive new standards of excellence and shift power and choice decisively to customers."

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