Monday, April 16, 2007

Belgacom Scales IPTV Rollout to 140,000 with Redback

Belgacom has scaled its IPTV rollout to nearly 140.000 subscribers, making Belgacom one of the three largest IPTV deployments in Europe and one of the top 10 IPTV deployments in the world. Belgacom is using Redback's SmartEdge routing platform.

Redback said its SmartEdge video-centric router can deliver HD video to tens of thousands of simultaneous users, in addition to data and voice services.

In addition to Belgacom, Redback powers IPTV deployments for BellSouth, KPN in The Netherlands, Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, and China Telecom and China Netcom in China.

Redback is an Ericsson company.