Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AT&T Reaches 18,000 IPTV Subscribers

AT&T has signed up 18,000 subscribers to date for its U-verse IPTV and Internet service. AT&T's average installation rate has ramped to approximately 2,000 installations a week -- five times greater than its average rate in January.

AT&T also confirmed plans to launch U-verse in the Los Angeles area in the coming weeks. Additional launches are planned for later this year and next.

AT&T satellite TV offering is growing even faster. Following a strong fourth-quarter 2006 in which AT&T added 111,000 bundled satellite television users, the company added a record number of users in the first quarter of 2007. Including U-verse and satellite customers, AT&T added more than 180,000 video users in the most recent quarter, which is more than the four largest reporting cable companies combined added for the full year in 2006.

AT&T offers satellite service across its 22-state local service area through relationships with satellite broadcast providers. Satellite customers in AT&T's traditional 13-state local service area include subscribers to AT&T Homezone service, which integrates AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet and AT&T | DISH Network satellite services.


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