Monday, April 2, 2007

AT&T Introduces IP-based Toll-Free Service

AT&T introduced IP Toll-Free service allowing business customers to efficiently manage and intelligently route calls using IP trunks.

Initially available to U.S. customers, the new service includes announcement options, routing management and reporting features that can bolster the capabilities of toll-free-number services used in contact centers, teleconferencing, voice messaging and other critical toll-free applications.

The AT&T IP Toll-Free service can intelligently route calls to both traditional and IP-based customer equipment, enabling customers to migrate their traditional circuit-switched-based call center and other applications to advanced IP-based infrastructures at their own pace. AT&T can also now provide AT&T IP Toll-Free to AT&T wholesale customers for use in their own, large call centers, supporting their evolution to the contact center of the future.

Later in 2007, AT&T plans to introduce Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based advanced routing functionality, including IP Transfer Connect Service. SIP-based technology allows for call transfers to take place either before or after calls are answered.

In addition, enhanced information delivery allows more data to be delivered to the transferring party or forwarded to the final called party. AT&T said these capabilities are designed to further improve the call-handling efficiency and resource optimization and, as a result, further reduce the customer's cost structure.


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