Sunday, March 4, 2007

XO Launches MPLS IP-VPN Service in 75 US Cities

XO Communications launched its MPLS IP-VPN service in 75 major metropolitan markets across the United States. The company said its MPLS service represents the initial step in a broader IP convergence services strategy. Later this year, XO plans to integrate its MPLS IP- VPN service with its business-class VoIP service, XOptions Flex.

XO MPLS IP-VPN enables businesses to allocate bandwidth and prioritize applications and have any class of service using up to the full available bandwidth without incurring additional charges. XO is offering four classes of service:

  • Real Time CoS - for applications that are very sensitive to latency and jitter, such as VoIP.

  • Critical CoS -for applications that can withstand higher latency and jitter, but still need guarantees on both delay and jitter such as video applications.

  • Priority CoS -for applications which need to take priority, but are not susceptible to variations in latency or jitter such as database applications.

  • Standard CoS - for applications which can withstand moderate to high variations in latency or jitter such as email and web browsing.


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