Sunday, March 18, 2007

Verizon Business Debuts Carrier IP Termination Transport

Verizon Business introduced Carrier IP Termination Transport, the latest addition to its wholesale VoIP portfolio. Carrier IP Termination Transport carries VoIP calls between IP networks and the public telephone network.

Carrier IP Termination Transport allows long-distance voice calls to be terminated around the world when the call originates as non-IP but is converted to IP. By connecting to the Verizon Business global network via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), carriers with IP-based networks need not convert the IP call to time division multiplexing (TDM) for final routing to the public telephone network. As a result, callers can make calls to locations inside and outside the United States, leveraging the Verizon Business' robust domestic and international network reach.

Carrier IP Termination Transport joins the Verizon Business Wholesale VoIP product suite, which includes Carrier IP Termination SIP and SIP Gateway Services.

SIP Gateway Services are available in three service configurations:

  • Inbound Complete - Verizon Business can provide a new number or can port an existing telephone number, which enables the end-user to receive calls from anyone who dials that number.

  • Two-Way Local - Provides the same functionality as Inbound Complete plus enables outbound local calling including emergency calling support and access to local directory assistance and operator services.

  • Two-Way Complete - Takes advantage of Verizon Business' robust local and global network, allowing wholesale customers to offer competitive local and long-distance calling plans to their customers.