Sunday, March 4, 2007

TI Debuts New DSPs for Telecom and Networked DSP Applications

Texas Instruments (TI) released two new digital signal processors (DSPs) -- the TMS320C6424 DSP and the TMS320C6421 DSP -- that deliver more than 2.5X price/performance improvement. Target applications include enterprise gateway and IP-PBX products. Additional applications that are well-suited for the C642x DSPs include printers, scanners, copiers and wireless applications such as pico base stations, home gateways and wireless entertainment devices.

The performance of the C6424 DSP and C6421 DSP peaks at 4800 MMACs at 600 MHz. I/O capabilities are enabled by the EDMA 3.0 with 4.8 GB/s throughput and the 333 MHz DDR2 memory interface.

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