Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tango Introduces its "Abrazo" Hybrid Mobile Phone-PBX

Tango Networks introduced its "Abrazo" fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution for enabling mobile operators to integrate all mobile phones with any corporate PBX, Centrex or Unified Communications network. "Abrazo," which means embrace in Spanish, unites the mobile phone network with the enterprise voice network, turning every mobile phone into a PBX/Centrex extension for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Tango Networks said that while other fixed-mobile convergence solutions on the market are either entirely enterprise-based or carrier-based, its hybrid architecture includes both carrier and enterprise components. It supports both legacy and IMS standards. And unlike other offerings that require expensive dual-mode handsets, the Tango Abrazo works with any existing mobile phone, and requires no special client software to manage. Each Tango Abrazo is designed to support a few hundred to more than 25,000 users in the enterprise, and works with legacy TDM, hybrid, or IP PBXs.

The Tango Abrazo is currently being tested in various customer environments and is anticipated to be generally available in late second quarter 2007.

http://www.tango-networks.comMotorola has made an equity investment in Tango Networks, a start-up developing hardware and software that integrates mobile phones with corporate telephone networks. The funding was part of Tango's Series A round.


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