Sunday, March 4, 2007

Speedus Seeks to Build Free Nationwide Wireless Public Broadband Service

Speedus Corp., a holding company that owns significant equity interests in diverse businesses, has asked the FCC for authority to manage a new nationwide Wireless Public Broadband (WPB) network in the 2155- 2175 MHz frequency band.

The company said its service would be entirely free for consumers, like free over-the-air television and radio. WPB will promote localism and the provision of advertising and public service messages targeted to local interests and communities, as well as local business and economic development, through ubiquitous coverage provided by small-footprint networks. In addition, user-designated advertising would permit local customization of advertising messages to inform users about products and services of interest in the community.

The Speedus business plan would be to sign and coordinate third-party lessees ,who would own and operate wireless access points ("WAPs"). Initially, no lessee would be authorized to operate more than fifty (50) WAPs.