Sunday, March 4, 2007

Shenick Adds High Definition IPTV and VoD Test Capabilities

Shenick Network Systems released version 4.0 of its "diversifEye" software, enabling the testing of both standard and high definition (HD) IPTV and Video On Demand (VoD) right down to the individual TV viewer level.

Shenick's diversifEye 4.0 allows network equipment vendors and service providers to test real world VoD functionality, as well as determine how networks perform under high load conditions such as network surges which occur during high demand viewing, such as a new video release.

Shenick will continue to offer a full range of video codec types for VoD testing which have been supported in previous releases of diversifEye's multicast IPTV tests including high definition MPEG4 and H.264.

diversifEye 4.0 will work with both Shenick's diversifEye and diversifEye10G, a single module 10 Gbps stateful IP application traffic tester. Users can conduct IPTV channel change testing that emulates live head end IPTV channel feeds with real video of any codec type facilitating monitoring of both standard and high definition TV channels. In addition, the new UI offers an easier and intuitive work environment for test personnel.

Testing: Considerations Prior to Deployment

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