Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RAD Introduces Pseudowire Gateway for Cellular Backhaul

RAD Data Communications unveiled its IPmux-116 pseudowire gateway designed for cellular backhaul transport.

The ASIC-based platform offers accurate regeneration of timing on a per port basis to support multiple customers' timing needs, in-band facility loopbacks to allow customers to test their circuits independently of the transport provider and VLAN aware switching with ingress and egress rate limiting to provide tunable bandwidth. The IPmux-116 supports all modes of TDM emulation, including SAToP,TDMoIP, CESoPSN and HDLCoPSN.

The adaptive clock recovery mechanism conforms to the G.823 sync interface using G.8261-defined scenarios and achieves 16 ppb clock accuracy. Clock redundancy can be achieved through a system-timing feature that uses master and fallback timing sources. Furthermore, timing can be input or output to external peripherals through an optional external clock port.

The unit is available in a 1U-high chassis with eight or sixteen pseudowire ports, one or two Ethernet network ports and one or two Ethernet user ports to meet the specific demands of each transport provider and the requirements of each site.