Monday, March 12, 2007

OctWare Offers Echo-Cancellation for Asterisk IP PBXs

OctWare introduced its "SoftEcho", a new per channel upgrade option for Asterisk-based IP PBX systems. SoftEcho is a Line Echo Cancellation (LEC) application for Asterisk systems. The software is available as a download for enhancing Asterisk with sound quality.

OctWare said its transparent algorithm that works better than off-the-shelf echo cancellation solutions. The algorithm has been improved through years of testing in large-scale carrier deployments worldwide through Octasic, OctWare's parent company. That carrier grade quality, already obtainable with interface cards by Digium, Sangoma, and other vendors, that include Octasic's OCT6100 echo cancellation device, is now available in software form for small to midsized businesses using an Asterisk PBX.

SoftEcho's algorithm is auto-tuning meaning that no adjustments are necessary. SoftEcho learns its environment and quickly adapts to it. Its long, well-covered echo path tail ensures carrier proven quality on any calls in trunk side use. SoftEcho handles double-talk and background noise better than the generic echo cancellation solutions currently integrated into popular Asterisk PBX systems.

OctWare's SoftEcho for Asterisk based IP PBX includes performance and voice quality statistics. Downloads are available for $10 per channel through distributors worldwide.

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