Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NEC Launches Mobile WiMAX for North America

NEC Corporation of America announced the availability of its Mobile WiMAX solution based on the IEEE802.16e-2005 standard and also compliant with WiMAX Forum's Wave-2 System Profile for fixed and mobile broadband access services. The platform is suited for operation on Sub-11GHz licensed bands.

NEC's latest standards-based Mobile WiMAX solution includes Wave-2 System Profile features to provide enhanced system performance when compared to previous 802.16-2004 and Wave-1 System Profile standard solutions. This new standard addresses mobility extensions for future operator growth and enhanced coverage through embedded enhancements in the standard -- which delivers better uplink capabilities.

In addition, NEC said its Mobile WiMAX Air Interface adopts MIMO and Beam Forming techniques to further improve the transmission capacity of the radio system.