Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Microsoft Backs ZenZui Zooming Interface for Mobile Content

Microsoft is backing ZenZui, an independent company that is developing a "Zooming User Interface" to make it easier for people to engage, consume and interact with mobile Web content. ZenZui's Zooming User Interface technology was initially developed by the Microsoft Research lab in Redmond, Washington.

ZenZui's high-frame rate Zooming User Interface employs up to 36 individual "tiles" that are selected and customized by users to reflect their interests and lifestyle with relevant content, interactive communications and fresh data. The modular tile interface lets users sync, surf, and share digital content quickly, easily and in a distinctly new way.

Companies onboard for the initial trial include Kayak.com, OTOlabs, Avenue A | Razorfish and Traffic.com.



  • ZenZui has raised $12 million in Series A funding from Oak Investment Partners and Hunt Ventures.

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