Thursday, March 15, 2007

Los Angeles Deploys Motorola's MOTOMESH for Video Surveillance

The City of Los Angeles unveiled a municipal wireless network and video surveillance system in the city's Jordan Downs public housing complex that is designed to help curb criminal activity. The network encompasses 10 wireless video surveillance cameras and the Motorola MOTOMESH network. MOTOMESH is a multi-radio wireless broadband network that provides Wi-Fi access for the public and enables first responders with critical communications through separate, dedicated and secure access. The Motorola Canopy wireless broadband solution provides backhaul for the network.

The MOTOMESH system supports up to four radio networks in a single access point. It enables complete municipal-wide wireless connectivity in both 4.9GHz licensed and 2.4GHz unlicensed frequencies.

With Mobile Video Sharing, police officers are able to use their laptop computers or handheld devices to pan across surveillance locations and even zoom in and out on suspected criminal activity, allowing the officers to increase situational awareness and presence in the community. Additionally, Los Angeles city fire units that respond to calls in Jordan Downs will also have access to video feeds provided by the system. The network will also be used to provide residents and public schools in the Jordan Downs area with Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

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