Monday, March 5, 2007

Ixia's IPTV Testing Generates Realistic Video Traffic

Ixia's new Aptixia IxNetwork 5.20 application running on its Optixia hardware platform is now supporting the ability to generate and analyze IPTV video traffic over emulated IP network topologies. Engineers can now test the routing control plane and simultaneously stress the data plane by directing both real-world video traffic and packet-based network traffic over the emulated topologies. This enables them to better characterize the performance of routers/switches that deliver IPTV services.

Ixia's IxNetwork characterizes the performance and scalability of routers, switches, and other Layer 2/3 forwarding devices by running large-scale routing protocol emulations and generating realistic video traffic. Technologies supported include IP routing, MPLS, Multicast and Bridging.

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