Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ixia Enables IMS Control Plane and Load Testing

Ixia announced new VoIP and IMS testing capabilities that enable equipment manufacturers and operators to qualify IMS infrastructure as well as conduct more extensive VoIP interoperability testing.

The new IxVoice 4.10 release adds the capability to emulate the HSS (Home Subscriber Server) as well as support for SIP Sigcomp for testing Call Service Control Functions (CSCF). CSCFs are the core of the IMS control structure and ensuring their functionality is critical to the overall adoption of the IMS architecture. IxVoice can now be used to test the functionality of the CSCFs independently or together as a system by emulating the surrounding network elements, including the HSS.

Ixia said its IxVoice test solution can validate the key IMS subsystems for interoperability, functionality and performance. It supports the dynamic architecture requirements inherent in large-scale IMS networks.

IxVoice 4.10 also adds significant improvements to the IxVoice H.323 protocol support for testing VoIP communications systems including call managers, softswitches and IP PBXs. H.323 is a key protocol used in VoIP telephony. The new H.323 functionality with allows users to test interoperability with a wider range of devices.

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