Sunday, March 18, 2007

Global Crossing Supplies GigE IP Transit for Brazil's GVT

Global Crossing announced a two-year contract to provide Brazilian carrier GVT with GigE IP Transit services. GVT provides telecommunications, high speed broadband, Internet, multimedia and solutions development services and has one of the fastest growth rates in the Brazilian market.

Global Crossing said that as a Tier 1 ISP with extensive private peering relationships, it provides direct links to many of the largest Internet content sites, at high-speed connectivity, ranging from T1/E1 to 10GigE. In addition to IP Transit, connection to Global Crossing's IP network is available through a variety of access options, including IP VPN, Ethernet, wavelengths, metro networks and carrier rings. Global Crossing was the first-and remains the only-global communications provider with IPv6 natively installed on all IP services access routers, and as a result, it is uniquely qualified to enable a transition to IPv6.


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