Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finland's Corenet Deploys ROADM Mesh with ECI Telecom's XDM

Corenet, a leading telecom provider in Finland, has selected ECI Telecom's XDM all range ROADM platform for deployment of one of Europe's first and most advanced ROADM mesh networks. The key building blocks in this deployment are WSS ROADMs, full support of Optical Transport Network (OTN) for all services and "SDH-like" wavelength management.

ECI said its advanced ROADM network will allow Corenet to swiftly lease high-speed wavelength and sub-wavelength services across the region. By deploying WSS ROADMs and 10Gbps widely tunable transponders, Corenet will be able to provision services from any node to any node across the entire nationwide network. In addition, by relying on full OTN mapping and multiplexing of all services, including 10GE LAN, high-power variable-gain amplifiers and automatic power balancing, Corenet will be able to offer fully transparent SDH and data services with high QoS and interoperate with other carriers. Corenet will also be able to seamlessly add 40Gbps services to the network, once necessary. This new ROADM network will be deployed as an expansion to the existing XDM-based MSPP and DWDM backbone of Corenet, and the entire network is managed by ECI's LightSoft V3 management system.

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