Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ericsson to Acquire Mobeon for Messaging Apps

Ericsson will acquire Mobeon AB, a supplier of IP-messaging applications.

Ericsson already owns 21 percent of Mobeon and is also the primary partner and original developer of Mobeon's CompEdge series of carrier-class messaging. Specifically, Mobeon produces the key component of Ericsson's Messaging over IP (MoIP) solution - an IP-based voice and video-mail solution for telecom operators. The largest MoIP installation has more than 26 million mailboxes.

Ericsson said the acquisition will accelerate development of its new messaging architecture, which will allow easier integration of new messaging applications with established messaging methods, such as SMS, voicemail and MMS, to maximize the addressable user base for these new messaging services.

Mobeon has 130 employees in Sweden and the UK.

  • Ericsson's recent acquisition targets have included Tandberg TV, Entrisphere (GPON), Redback Networks and Marconi.

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