Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cortina Debuts Interlaken GigE MAC

Cortina Systems introduced the first Interlaken Gigabit Ethernet MAC -- doubling the bandwidth capacity of existing SPI-based Gigabit Ethernet MACs. The new CS3472 MAC can simultaneously sustain line rate performance on all 24 ports.

Cortina said its CS3472 MAC offers a high-density line-rate or oversubscription aggregation front-end solution. It integrates rule-based layer 5 classifications, IPv6 & MPLS support, and a flexible scheduler to enable bandwidth guarantees for critical traffic. The CS3472 MAC connects to a packet processor through a high performance low pin count Interlaken interface. Conversely, the CS3472 MAC reduces board complexity by allowing direct connection to optical SFP modules and copper PHYs with SMII links through fully integrated SerDes.


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