Monday, March 26, 2007

Corrigent Releases New Packet Transport Switch

Corrigent Systems introduced its CM-4000 Packet Transport Switch (PTS) series designed for scalable end-to-end delivery of packet and TDM services over a single, converged transport infrastructure. The new platform is a universal transport solution for delivering any traffic mix, from 100% circuit-based TDM to 100% Ethernet services with high cost efficiency.

Corrigent is offering two versions of switch (the CM-4314 and CM-4206) with full, non-blocking switching capacity of 320Gbps and 160Gbps respectively, scalable to 640Gbps and 320Gbps. The switch is designed for in-service scalability using advanced bonding technologies, which allow network operators to scale network links to up to 100 Gbps per link.

Corrigent said its CM-4000 PTS facilitates the migration towards all-IP by providing network operators with a viable path to convergence through the introduction of SONET/SDH-to-Ethernet interworking, and high-port-density Ethernet interfaces.

While still providing full support for circuit-based TDM services and applications, the CM-4000 enables standards-compliant E-Line, E-LAN and E-TREE Ethernet services. This facilitates the delivery of IP services such as residential Triple Play, business Ethernet and the backhaul of 3G and 3.5G wireless and WiMax services over a single, converged packet transport infrastructure.

The CM-4000 PTS also offers a unique application and service-aware traffic management scheme, which guarantees end-to-end performance during congestion, and enables dynamic bandwidth reclamation and optimal bandwidth utilization at all times.

Key features of the CM-4000 include:

  • In-service scalability of network-side links of up to 100Gbps through advanced link bonding technologies

  • Universal packet transport of any combination of TDM and packet traffic, from 100% TDM to 100% Ethernet

  • Fully non-blocking switching capacity of 320Gbps scalable to 640Gbps

  • Support for the complete range of PDH, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel and Ethernet interfaces

  • Advanced TDM-to-Ethernet interworking functions on high-density, multi-service SONET/SDH and PDH interfaces

  • Application and service-aware traffic management to overcome net neutrality, allowing carriers to benefit from higher margins on preferred services

  • Multi-rate and Multi-protocol configurable interfaces for quick and flexible service activation

  • Colored optics and OTN interfaces, for cost-effective integration with the photonic network

  • Transport-class availability with guaranteed sub-50ms service recovery over any topology

  • Hierarchical, fully-correlated, multi-layer OAM, providing transport-class performance monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting


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