Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cantata Adds ENUM to Media/Signaling VoIP Gateway

Cantata Technology announced several enhancements to its "MG 1010" media and signaling VoIP gateway product, including support for ENUM and load balancing. The IMG 1010 is an integrated media and signaling VoIP gateway that provides any-to-any network connectivity, enabling delivery of SIP services into legacy SS7, PRI and CAS networks, as well as IP-to-IP transcoding to connect IP networks using different protocols.

In total, the new release includes more than twenty additional features, such as:

  • ENUM support -- the IMG 1010 translates phone numbers into SIP addresses and lets SIP users call each other directly without a PSTN service, for faster connection times and lower phone charges

  • Load balancing support -- a feature not available in competitive products, the IMG 1010 works with load balancers to provide better distribution of SIP traffic for improved scalability and fault tolerance

  • Enhanced any-to-any signaling -- adds complete mapping between ISDN and SS7, based on ITU Q.699 standard, and CAS support for more connectivity options with worldwide telecom operators

  • SNMP enhancement -- adds three more industry standard MIBs to allow more centralized configuration and monitoring in a network operation center.

  • Additional Radius features -- for prepaid applications, accepts messages from the Radius server for call duration and call redirection services, for faster processing of prepaid user agreements at the edge of the network.


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