Thursday, March 15, 2007

BT Launches Wholesale IP Voice Managed Service

BT launch of a global VoIP wholesale service for Internet service providers (ISPs), cable providers and other resellers. The new offering is targeted at global communication providers outside of the UK and allows entrants to the market to become a communication provider overnight, without the cost and complexity of having to invest in expensive IT and network infrastructure.

BT's IP Voice Managed Service features a flexible pricing model, and multi-layered security, including session border controller (SBC) functionality and VoIP firewall capabilities. A single web-based interface gives the user a tool to monitor call flow and control expenses. The IP Voice Managed Service is one of a range of 21CN operator services, which take advantage of BT's global experience to provide a new generation of richer and more customized services to enable 21C communication providers.

MEDIAN Telecom Ltd.,headquartered in Bochum, Germany, already receives termination and transit services from BT Global Telecom Markets and has been intensively testing the new IP Voice Managed Service.