Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bookham Supplies 40 Gbps Tunable Laser Assembly

Bookham is supplying its LambdaFLEX integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (iTLA) to equipment vendors for use in 40 Gbps DWDM transmission systems. The device, which has already been extensively deployed in systems supporting 10 Gbps and below, has now been selected for use in 40 Gbps transmission systems, including the Mintera MI 40000XS next-generation subsystem for DWDM optical transport in metro, regional and ultra long-haul telecom networks. Mintera is currently shipping the MI 40000XS platform to customers worldwide.

Bookham said its LambdaFLEX integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (iTLA) is now in volume production at the company's manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Based on the OIF MSA outline, the full-band tunable laser is supplied in module form, with control electronics and firmware. The Bookham tunable laser is built on a single InP optical chip, the DS-DBR, with no moving parts. This enables extremely fast wavelength tuning with excellent reliability, comparable to that offered by legacy DFB lasers.

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