Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bay Microsystems Ships 40G Network Processor

Bay Microsystems has begun sampling its Chesapeake 40G Network Processor and Traffic Manager. The new "Chesapeake" network processor is targeted at a new generation of broadband infrastructure equipment ranging from high density over-subscribed 1GE/10GE Metro Ethernet boxes to high reliability systems up to 40G and above.

While consuming a mere 16 watts of power, the device delivers 125 Gbps of raw processing power and is capable of 122 million packet-per-second sustained performance. It can accommodate a full 40G at line rate, Chesapeake is ideally suited to process and manage multiple segments of 1G, 10G, 20G or 40G data paths.

The internal throughput capacity of 122 million packets per second is sufficient for 100G processing. It also offers a search rate of 622 million searches per second.

Bay Microsystems also formally released the Lighthouse Tool Suite for its Chesapeake 40G Network Processor and Multimedia Traffic Manager.

Lighthouse helps facilitate the design of network processor-based networking equipment by exploiting Chesapeake's deterministic architecture and unique programming model. It features an extensive set of applications for switch and router platforms.

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