Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Azaire Enables "All Services Everywhere" for CDMA with PDIF

Azaire Networks introduced a new CDMA network component for its IP Converged Network Platform with eXtended Mobility (IP-CNP with XM). The new product is the first Packet Data Interworking Function (PDIF) optimized and available to deploy for CDMA networks.

Azaire said its platform can be used by mobile operators to provide their subscribers with highly secure access to their enterprise and consumer applications using authentication and authorization features.

To enable fixed mobile convergence networks, the 3GPP2 has defined an element called the Packet Data Interworking Function (PDIF). The PDIF is responsible for security, access, authentication, and policy enforcement. The Azaire Networks' "IP-CNP with XM" is 3GPP2-compliant and combined with Azaire Networks' Authentication Engine, provides the baseline security framework for WLAN, femtocell and WiMAX implementations of fixed mobile convergence.