Sunday, March 11, 2007

AT&T, Qwest and Verizon Host Telecom Energy Summit

AT&T, Qwest and Verizon are sponsoring the first "Carrier Group Energy Summit" this week to investigate methods of measuring and reducing electrical power consumption in voice and data communication networks.

The companies have agreed to meet and work together to reinforce their commitment to reducing network power consumption as well as develop a framework -- in conjunction with equipment manufacturers -- under which network equipment can be evaluated using an energy-efficiency formula.

In addition to the telecommunications companies, several equipment manufacturers have been invited to attend, including Sun Microsystems, Alcatel-Lucent, Tellabs, Motorola, Cisco, Nortel, Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, Degree C, and AMD.

The event is being hosted at Verizon's St. Paul Place facility in Baltimore. At the conclusion of the event, an action plan will be developed for next steps, including future meetings.

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