Monday, March 5, 2007

AT&T Pairs Homezone & Wireless Phones, Expands with Akimbo

Customers of AT&T's Homezone service can now manage their television recordings via wireless handsets. Customers can view listings and manage and schedule recordings on the Homezone receiver via compatible wireless phones and devices from wireless carriers. The remote programming capability was already supported via web browser.

Additionally, AT&T announced that it has expanded the service's on-demand content offerings via the Internet to include thousands of additional program titles offered by Akimbo.

  • AT&T Homezone integrates AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet, AT&T | DISH Network satellite television and AT&T Home Networking services via a single device. The AT&T Homezone receiver can support up to two televisions at the same time with access to recorded programs, movies, photo and music collections from either TV. The second TV receives its signal through a home's existing coaxial cable wiring. 2Wire is the CPE provider for the AT&T Homezone receiver.