Monday, February 5, 2007

Verizon Notes Copper Cable Theft in West Virginia

Verizon reported nearly 45 incidents involving theft of copper telephone cables and electronic equipment, as well as vandalism to its telecommunications network in West Virginia, over the past 12 months. Verizon said a majority of the acts have occurred in southern West Virginia, primarily in Boone, Logan and Kanawha counties, noting that more than 17,000 customers have unnecessarily experienced telephone service delays - up to five days in some cases - and endured risks to their personal safety.

The most recent incident occurred on January 27, when a 20-foot section of Verizon cable that housed 600 telephone lines was stolen, affecting not only residential customers, but police and fire department as well. Last year alone, more than 26,000 feet, or nearly five miles, of copper cable was stolen, causing more than $240,000 in damages to Verizon's telecommunications network.

"These thefts are just incomprehensible in that they put people's lives in danger and cost thousands of dollars to repair," said H. Stan Cavendish, president of Verizon West Virginia. "It's fortunate that there's been no loss of life due to these senseless crimes."

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