Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Verizon Business Debuts Network-Based Firewall Service, Expands DoS Protection

Verizon Business introduced a network-based, Secure Gateway - Firewall service aimed at U.S.-based multinational customers.

Verizon Business' Secure Gateway-Firewall uses a Web-based Graphic User Interface (GUI) allowing the customer to define and modify policies for public Internet traffic allowed on their private network. Customers can centrally control both inbound and outbound traffic on demand, consolidating network access points and eliminating the need for multiple Internet connections and premises-based firewalls. The network-based service can be used with all four Verizon Business networks: Private IP, vBNS+, Frame Relay and ATM.

Verizon Business is using Cisco as its equipment supplier for the service.

In addition to Secure Gateway - Firewall, Verizon offers two other Secure Gateway services: Retail and Remote Office, which securely connects a customer's fixed remote locations to the customer's Private IP or other Verizon private network using the public Internet; and Secure Gateway - Mobile User, which gives remote employees secure connectivity to company data. All are backed by service level agreements (SLAs).

Verizon Business also announced the expansion of its network-based Denial of Service (DoS) security offering to 11 countries in Europe. The Verizon DoS Defense Mitigation Services was previously available in the United States.

Noting that denial of service attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication, Verizon Business said its DoS services detect and combat malicious worms and viruses before they reach a customer's network and creates havoc. The service is backed by a 15-minute-response service level agreement (SLA) upon attack notification.