Monday, February 12, 2007

TietoEnator Launches IMS Signaling Middleware and Signaling/Protocol Gateways

TietoEnator introduced its next generation signaling products - carrier grade IMS Signaling Middleware and a family of Signaling/Protocol Gateways. TietoEnator said the key benefits of its Signaling products are carrier grade durability, redundancy and highly scalable software and hardware platforms based on a signaling architecture. The current signaling products from TietoEnator are included in major network equipment manufacturers' products used world-wide.

IMS Signaling Middleware provides a platform-independent and portable control plane solution for nodes in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), such as Call Session Control Functions (CSCF), IMS Application Servers and Charging Functions. Together with TietoEnator's solutions for SS7 signaling, it is a building-block for developing convergence solutions such as signaling gateways, bridging the gap between legacy and all-IP networks.

The Signaling/Protocol Gateway provides interconnectivity between different types of signaling networks, access networks and transport networks, allowing integration of legacy equipment with state-of-the-art next generation IP-based networks.

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