Sunday, February 4, 2007

TI Announces Carrier Infrastructure Platform

Texas Instruments introduced a new DSP-based carrier infrastructure platform, including silicon, software and reference designs, aimed at switches and gateways for fixed, cable and mobile service providers. The silicon architecture expands on TI's VoIP infrastructure products, offering greater density and the ability to support a greater breadth of applications, like video processing. Target applications include multimedia/3G services within an IP multimedia services (IMS) environment.

TI's Carrier Infrastructure Platform will include a new processor based on the same TMS320C64x+ core that TI uses for video solutions. The second element of this platform includes the company's Telogy voice software - already used by over 80 percent of the VoIP infrastructure industry - as well as a rich library of software modules designed to support the needs of fixed, mobile and cable network equipment manufacturers. The third element of this platform is a fully functional evaluation module. This element allows equipment manufacturers to get to market faster and provides for ease of implementation.

TI said its platform will address a variety of standards and technologies, including those features and functions required for Class 4 and Class 5 replacement, PacketCable 1.5, modem/fax transmission, wireless transcoding applications, wireless media gateways, wireless trunking, encryption, redundancy, diagnostics and service enhancements. TI is also working with key value-added third parties to offer complementary solutions.

The three elements of the new carrier infrastructure platform will sample to targeted customers in the second half of 2006.

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