Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tellme Adds VoiceXML for Mobile Phone Info Displays

Tellme Networks has enhanced its voice services platform with new multimodal capabilities for mobile phones allowing companies to create a visual experience.

TellMe enables phone users to use their voice to find what they want, from getting a listing in directory assistance to tracking a package or buying a movie ticket. T

Tellme is now using VoiceXML to create a multimodal "voice & visual" interface, enabling users to simply say what they want and then see it on their mobile screen. Tellme said it will continue to work with the W3C on VoiceXML 3.0 and multimodal standards.

With these new multimodal extensions, businesses can use the Tellme Platform to enhance their voice experience with a visual interface for mobile phone users. For instance, after a customer orders a movie ticket they might see the receipt on their screen or get a confirmation text message and a map to the theater. Or, if a caller is looking to ship a package, they might ask for the nearest location and see a map and hours of operation on the screen.

In addition to expanding its platform capabilities, Tellme has named TuVox and Viecore as Tellme Partners. These partners can now use the Tellme Platform to help businesses create voice applications that dramatically improve their caller experience while eliminating significant costs.

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