Sunday, February 25, 2007

Siemens Introduces HiPath MobileConnect FMC Solution

Siemens Enterprise Communications unveiled its HiPath MobileConnect enterprise FMC solution for seamlessly unifying fixed enterprise VoIP, VoWLAN and cellular networks. The MobileConnect FMC solution delivers one number and one mailbox with a seamless handover between wireless (WiFi) and cellular networks.

MobileConnect consists of two elements; the first is an appliance that resides between the enterprise IP communications server and WLAN.
The appliance continuously monitors dual mode mobile devices and call sessions. Enterprises are able to set policies to optimize call costs, switching call sessions off the public mobile network whenever possible.

The Siemens MobileConnect solution also consists of a software client that resides in the dual mode handset and works with the MobileConnect device to enable the seamless handover between the corporate wireless LAN network and the cellular exchange.

Siemens said its HiPath MobileConnect is based on open standards, and can interoperate with virtually any SIP-supported IP telephony, WLAN and dual-mode handset. Siemens has certified HiPath MobileConnect with the Siemens HiPath 8000 communications server, the Siemens HiPath Wireless platform and market leading dual-mode handsets. Ongoing testing with other platforms and devices is underway.