Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Shenick Announces 10Gbps Stateful IP Application Traffic Emulator

Shenick Network Systems announced a 10 Gbps stateful IP application traffic tester that enables equipment manufacturers and network operators to test IP services at an application, network and user quality of experience level.

The company said current testing at 10 Gbps levels has been restricted to one-way (stateless) packet blasting that simply fills connections to capacity without creating true live conditions involving real-user interaction. In contrast, Shenick's diversifEye10G, provides two-way (stateful) converged services and IP application traffic emulation. The system offers the ability to test at an application and network level as well as drill down to each IPTV, VoD, VoIP and data user.

Whereas other 10 Gbps test solutions rely on small microprocessors and FPGAs to generate largely stateless traffic. Shenick said its diversifEye10G uses large processing power to generate stateful IP flows so that real video can be multi- or unicast and its visual quality perceptually measured across thousands of flows. Similarly, millions of web connections or tens of thousands of voice over IP calls per second can be generated and analyzed for quality.

diversifEye10G will be available on general release from March 2007.

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