Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ruckus Unveils Triple Play Wi-Fi System for Hotspot Market

Ruckus Wireless unveiled its "MediaFlex Hotspot" access point specifically developed for broadband operators who are dealing with dramatic increases in the density and mix of users, devices and applications at public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Ruckus MediaFlex HS is a multimedia Wi-Fi system uses a custom antenna array optimized for dynamic and dense Wi-Fi environments. Advanced quality of service features allow multiple virtual networks and different traffic types to be streamed over the same system. In addition, Ruckus is including a remote spectrum management that gives operators visibility into hotspot RF environments.

Ruckus Wireless said that compared to conventional Wi-Fi APs, its new MediaFlex HS doubles Wi-Fi signal range, supports up to 20 concurrent voice over Wi-Fi calls and delivers 20 Mbps of consistent throughput for IP video streams. It also offers a two- to four-fold increase in coverage, thereby reducing the number of APs needed for a particular area.

The access point can be ceiling- or wall-mounted. It supports up to four BSSIDs, allowing operators to create virtual networks for different services or traffic types. For each BSSID, an operator can assign unique broadcast and QoS settings, security parameters and management policies.
List pricing is US$199.00.

PCCW, the principal telecommunications company in Hong Kong, and ThaiFi, a leading networking company in Thailand, are among the first to standardize on the new MediaFlex HS system. PCCW is installing the MediaFlex HS in hundreds of hotspots in and around Hong Kong. And ThaiFi has installed the system throughout several four-star hotels in Bangkok, including the Sukhothai, the Siri Sathorn and the Fraser Suites Urbana Sathorn.

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